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Thread: Lubuntu 11.04 Taskbar color change

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    Re: Lubuntu 11.04 Taskbar color change

    I think you wanted to change the menu color? That can be done by going into appearance and changing the GTK theme. Different themes will have different colors for their menus which the Lubuntu menu will use, just find one you like.

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    Re: Lubuntu 11.04 Taskbar color change

    Quote Originally Posted by Lanzaman View Post
    I am posting here because it's the closest thread to my problem so I hope I'm in the right place!

    I have Lubuntu 11 on my two computers, an acer one and a custom built desktop. Both have Cairo-Dock running and although slightly different in detail I am really pleased with both. However on the acer I have one small problem with the taskbar and it irritates me!

    I want the taskbar panel background to be transparent so in 'Appearance' I have set the colour to solid by putting zeros in the seven boxes on the 'Pick a Colour' panel. This works but things go slightly wrong in the course of use. On boot the taskbar starts off transparent but changes to blue when fully booted. I can however get it back to transparent by changing the wallpaper and it then remains transparent until the next re-boot (It's ok on hibernate) when the whole process repeats itself. I do not use a built in wallpaper.

    Any suggestions welcome.
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