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Thread: Natty development cycle coming to an end.

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    Re: Natty development cycle coming to an end.

    It's been a fun (but frustrating at times) ride, see you all in Oneiric Ocelot testing!
    A still more glorious dawn awaits!

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    Re: Natty development cycle coming to an end.

    If only a day could have 48 hours.
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    Re: Natty development cycle coming to an end.

    I have to say, this was the first testing release I got really into (I was real excited about Unity) and I don't know how many times I have reinstalled Ubuntu switching to Gnome Shell and Unity and then when I decided to make a separate partition for them, I decide to wipe the GS one and add Jupiter OS... well, that's going out the door tomorrow (I just wanted to have a stable OS on my computer just in case). Hopefully I can set up a home partition that is separate as I have learned how useful that can really be I have enjoyed testing with you guys, only I don't think I got to file any bug reports I guess something to look forward to the next development release... anyways I guess some would say that I am lucky... I will miss this forum and well don't know what more to say other than thanks for everyone who helped make this a great release! I have TAKS testing tomorrow (State Standardized testing for school) and it will be great to come home to a new release of Ubuntu (which I have been waiting for since October last year) and I'm happy to look forward to another six months of testing... and you know what... with this release of Ubuntu, I think I am going to actually give Ubuntu more space than Windows... I seem to be going into it less and less (I mainly use it for jailbreaking my iPod Touch... can't really think of what I do more other than that). I guess we will have to see. That would be something to debate about for the weekend but I really won't be able to wait (and if I hope it's out tomorrow morning so I can start the download (using BitTorrent so I can leave it open to seed the download) and then I can come home from school to get ready for a fresh install)... anyways I seem to be rambling a little to much now (how many times have I used "anyways") and if a mod feels that they should trim this post, feel free to do so! I just thought that maybe some people would enjoy reading over my experiences

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    Re: Natty development cycle coming to an end.

    Looking at unity and its got everything one could want ..... the next round seems to be the one that can make it into something special .......

    Wished I had started sooner on this one but its been fun - even though I was mostly interested in Gnome-shell - but UNITY has a lot of things in it that could make it the ideal system for the future though ..... will keep watching it grow .....

    This system UNITY has got the 3D things to show off in compiz and its got the dock and its ready for touch-screen ... just hope it is going to satisfy the masses .....not sure what else is needed really .... even picked up my Genius graphics pen first time ......

    I was concerned about a few things and after todays upgrade things feel a little more stable .....
    - love the way things get sorted with very little fuss ...... keep up the great work - always amazes me how you ever manage to sort it for so many makes and types of computers and screens and graphics cards and wireless etc...etc ...etc ....

    Ok all for now ..... best of luck through the coming weeks too ..... after the official launch.

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