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Thread: Ubuntu 14.04 AMD R9 270X or NVIDIA GTX 760

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    Ubuntu 14.04 AMD R9 270X or NVIDIA GTX 760

    I'm currently dual booting Win7 and Ubuntu 14.04, my goal is to eventually switch to Ubuntu as my main OS, coming back to Windows for the odd game or two until I can phase it out all together.

    I'm currently using an AMD Radeon HD 6870, which has been great in Windows and while I have got AMD's beta drivers working in Ubuntu, it can be very unpredictable. However recently it's been having problems on Windows too, I'm not sure if it's drivers related or what but either way I'm going to upgrade to a new card all together.

    I've compared both cards and it seems that the AMD R9 270X and NVIDIA GTX 760 are pretty close in specs, however, with gaming in Ubuntu 14.04 in mind, which is better? My priority is drivers support and performance. I hear that NVIDIA has always been better in Linux until recently where AMD are moving fast into Linux.

    Which card will I be better off with now and in the future too. I might look into Crossfire/DualSLI in the future too, what is Ubuntu like with that? Also I'll be running 3 monitors at 1080p each. I'll be using Steam for a lot with games ranging from lightweight titles like Don't Starve, Awesomenaughts up to heavier titles such as Portal 2 and any upcoming high gfx Linux titles, I'd like to be future proof here. Minecraft with the HD Shaders Mod, HD Textures and a lot of Mods can be really demanding I've found too, especially while screen recording too.

    Again, this is about which is best for Ubuntu, not performance in general, I would prefer to stick with AMD if I can as my current mobo supports crossfire, also it's a bit cheaper.

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    Re: Ubuntu 14.04 AMD R9 270X or NVIDIA GTX 760

    I too considering to upgrade my GPU (HD 5670) so i can play games better on Ubuntu. GTX 750 TI, GTX 760 and R9 270X are in my list. I read R9 270X have problems with Linux, latest open source driver fixed many of the problem, but that need latest kernel, so it is not possible with Ubuntu. AMD may have better open source driver support, but you will need to wait some more time (or use another destro), so ubuntu support latest kernel.

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