Hey all, I've been triple booting happily with Ubuntu 10, XP and W7. I upgraded 10 to Natty 64, and have had a few niggles, with one major problem. Booting into Ubuntu is fine and quick, quickest yet at about 20 secs, but upon restarting the PC has a serious problem. I select w7 from the grub menu, it gets to the logon screen and fails, upon rebooting it only reaches the bios screen then fails. The only way to get the pc to even turn on properly is to remove the power until the motherboard has fully powered down. It then boots normally. I've been unable to reproduce this problem switching from XP to W7, XP to Ubuntu, W7 to Ubuntu, XP to Ubuntu, or simply restarting either of the Windows installations. It only happens when switching from Natty to either of the Windows installations. I reinstalled Ubuntu 10 and cannot reproduce the problem, upon reinstalling 11 the issue returns. For the record my hardware is a Dell XPS 630i, q6600, 8800gt SLI with three samsung monitors. The installations are running off a 500gb Seagate partitioned into four, with 2 other drives as storage. The problem is catastrophic to the system, no hardware works properly until the power is removed completely and reset. Any advice would be appreciated. For the meantime I think I'll roll back to 10. Thanks, Paul