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Thread: GNOME screen too small

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    GNOME screen too small

    Hi, I use Ubuntu 10.10 with both Gnome and KDE desktops. My default screen res is 1366x768, and there is no problem with KDE, Gnome indicates that my res is the same but everything on the screen looks too large. When I lunch an app like GIMP I can't see the inmenu icons, it's not a pain to die but sometimes makes work harder. At first I told it was the way Gnome looks (I have never before run linux on such a high res), but when I boot another distro like Debian everything is OK. Also my display mode is locked to laptop screen and can't be changed.
    Can this be fixed, I like my Gnome screen and don't want to move to KDE.

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    Re: GNOME screen too small

    check ur universal access option and see that the zoom in not enabled.
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