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Thread: is there an issue with ATI crossFire

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    is there an issue with ATI crossFire

    I bought myself a new (nice) piece of hardware.
    Processor : AMD PHENOM II X6 1055T 2.80GHZ C6 AM3 RET
    Power: LSP750 750W POWER SUPPLY
    Memory : 16 GB 4GB DDR3 1333 PC1060
    Mainboard : ASUS M4A79T DELUXE AM3 4X16XFRX 4D3 16 1GL R ATX
    Video : 3 x GIGABYTE RADEON HD5750 1GD5 XFRX VGA 2DVI HDMI in Crossfire
    Of course it comes with Windows7 and I want to fix this problem. Main thing is that I want to keep Windows7, just because I like to play Starcraft2.
    So I tried to install Ubuntu 10.4 next to win. Unfortunately the first time I tried it crash during the install. It ruined the partitions and I could not see half of the disk so I had to enter with the live CD and use the disk utility as detailed here. This problem solved I tried to install a new copy of 10.10 64bit. I enter the install process I start manual partitioning and the system freezes. Not at a specific point, it happens in various moments. But constantly freezes. Finally I gave up with Ubuntu and tried the latestes of openSuse. Their install process was a little more elaborate and I succeeded in installing but nevertheless it seems there a problem. Whenever I got into Suse it freezes after a number of minutes. No exceptions. So I guess that maybe is something common both to Ubuntu and Suse.
    The first thing that poped into my mind as a potential problem is the Crossfire and from here the title of the post.

    I really want to have my developing environment so please help with suggestions. I'll try to provide logs, dumps or whatever other things you need.

    I succeded in installing ubuntu 10.10 following advice from PCNetSpec from this post. Nevertheless it frozed on updates before allowing me to install the ATI driver. The same happend with Suse. After trying to update I cannot connect even in safe mode. I dont know if is the mainboard all the combination of mainboard and videocards, but are not properly tested under linux so I wont recommend them to anyone yet.

    UPDATE 2
    Deleted everything and tried again.
    It appears that while booting in linux, the ventilator speed keeps rising until a point that it freezes, even in the installer or when running a live CD.
    Could this be a memory issue or a mainboard issue?

    UPDATE 3
    I removed 2 of the 3 video cards and the install went ok. It seems that the crossfire and Ubuntu are not friends yet.
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