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Thread: Proposed Ubuntu "pure Gnome" respin

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    Re: Proposed Ubuntu "pure Gnome" respin

    As a matter of fact I tried Gnome3/Gnome-shell and also uninstalled afterwards successfully with

    > sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
    > sudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3

    See :

    For me this actually worked, my system was back to Unity without any major damage.
    That is good to know ..... because if its added on the main link on either of the
    webpages that give instructions for installing Gnome-Shell - then at least it
    could be highlighted that it is a possible way of retrieving the old setup.

    Not tried it myself yet but may just do that to see .....

    Update - Have tried it and it works .... useful to get rid of dependency issues too ....

    __________________________________________________ ___

    I have just noticed something good too in NATTY - I usually need to set my G-Pen up

    This time its picked up automatically .
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    Re: Proposed Ubuntu "pure Gnome" respin

    Quote Originally Posted by ranch hand View Post
    Well I obviously misunderstood you completely. I am sorry.
    Not a problem.

    Don't know much about KDE. Tried it. Didn't blow my skirt up at all.
    I like KDE well enough, it's not my first choice. The find the activities thing in KDE to be interesting, and I could see how it could be useful if you have different workloads that require different sets of apps to be open and quick access to files in specific directories, but I expect most people will just stick with the one activity they have OOB only cutomizing their individual desktops within that one activity.

    Generally I have stuck with Gnome on my Debian box, but if my only choices were Gnome 3 with Gnome-Shell or KDE, I would choose KDE. I use some KDE applications which results in a large chunk of the KDE base to be pulled in any way so I figure I might as well have the whole desktop installed and play around with it once it a while.

    There were some issues with the Gnome 3 stuff in Debian experimental when packages were being updated and some mismatched versions of packages were available where I couldn't get mutter+gnome-panel to work so I dusted off my custom xsession that starts gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-panel, kmix, and fluxbox, will probably stick with that for a while.

    One thing that I do really like about Gnome Shell is the 'Alt'+'Tab'+'Mouse 1' to select between open windows.

    Hopefully the activities stuff can be improved on in the next development cycle or two, the applications part of it in particular.

    If Unity makes it in to Debian I will probably switch to that in my Debian install. In spite of what's been said elsewhere, I can navigate pretty quickly only using the mouse to any windows on any of my desktops.

    Later, Seeker
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    Re: Proposed Ubuntu "pure Gnome" respin

    Does anybody know if this Gnome respin is going to go forward , and if so will it be a separate CD or will it just be an extra group of packages in the repos ?
    Ubuntu forum members said "If I am unhappy with Unity there are many other options " True - I changed to another Distro - problem solved !
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    Re: Proposed Ubuntu "pure Gnome" respin

    Quote Originally Posted by pony-tail View Post
    Does anybody know if this Gnome respin is going to go forward , and if so will it be a separate CD or will it just be an extra group of packages in the repos ?
    I've been totally tied up with Natty Beta2 iso/upgrade testing the past few days so I haven't followed up with the projects owner.

    Step #1 is to create a reliable meta-package for the repos, but we're experiencing dependency problems ATM.

    Basic info here:

    You can check the Roadmap link there. We are truly in our infancy so please be patient

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    Re: Proposed Ubuntu "pure Gnome" respin

    This looks interesting. Keep us updated!

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    Re: Proposed Ubuntu "pure Gnome" respin

    +10 here. Running Gnome-shell from ppa in Natty already and looks very good. Have never seen unity/natty but GS works like a charm in this box.
    OB-untu. #!crunchbang

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