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Does eny one experience this problem on 64 bit machine;
alex@alex-Studio-XPS-1340:~/Downloads$ sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture draftSight.deb
dpkg: regarding draftSight.deb containing dassault-systemes-draftsight:i386, pre-dependency problem:
dassault-systemes-draftsight:i386 pre-depends on libdirectfb-extra (>= 1.2.7-2)
dpkg: error processing draftSight.deb (--install):
pre-dependency problem - not installing dassault-systemes-draftsight:i386
Errors were encountered while processing:
THis reply is very late but I've have the same problems with 12.04 on 32 bit. I finally ran into a fix just before I found this one. here is a link. Hope it helps you as well. http://linuxaideddesign.blogspot.com...lts-64bit.html I actually had to do steps 3-7 twice with two different deletes due to 2 dependency issues. Only did this this morning but everything seems to be working well. Good luck