Watching the progress of Ubuntu 11.04, I decided to download the beta and try it out on my PC.

I have 3 physical drives all SATA. One for Win 7, one for my documents/music etc and one as a backup for my other files.
Using windows 7, I partitioned my Win7(250gb) drive and allocated 100gb as a partition so Ubuntu could use it.
However, when I pop in the Ubuntu disk, restart and try to install Ubuntu, If I click the option which lets it work side by side with Win7, the only hard drive it will allow me to install to is my documents drive which is 1.5tb.
My windows 7 drive or even the backup drive are not an option. Why?
If I try to manually install it, it shows all my drives but not the partitions.
Its showing some fat32 partitions ( I have none). And for my windows 7 drive, it shows 100mb fat32 and 240gb free. Which there ISNT. Since I know Win7 is installed on that drive.

I cant even get past this point to even try out Ubuntu.
Any suggestions?