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    First, I'm not sure if this is the correct venue to be asking this question, so if not, I apologize.

    I'm a big fan of Tomboy notes and the ability to sync them with UbuntuOne. I like having my notes accessible across all of my computers, and would like to be able to do the same thing on my phone. I know there is a client for Android, but from what I could tell, no such client exists for iPhone.

    I'd been meaning to play around with learning some iPhone development anyway, so I did some reading on iOS development, spent some time, and wrote an application that does most everything that I use Tomboy for. It can link to your Ubuntu One account, sync notes back and forth, and it supports the majority of the formatting (bold, underline, highlight, etc.) options. I'm sure that someone more experienced in iOS development could have done a better job, but it seems to work well enough for what I need.

    I'd like to put it in the apple app store for free and make the source available (as I'm sure it could stand to be fixed and refined by someone more knowledgeable than myself), but I'm not sure what the rules are for such a thing. Right now I've just got it on my own computers and haven't gone to the trouble to pay to enter the Apple developer program because I have some questions about whether I can do so, before I spend the money.

    As it stands right now, I've used the Ubuntu font in the application (, as well as some mentions of Ubuntu itself and the Ubuntu One logo. I suspect the use of the font is probably okay, but I have my doubts about the logo, so some rebranding might be necessary. More than that, am I even allowed to access the Ubuntu One Notes service in this way? I know Ubuntu has some mobile applications for syncing other Ubuntu One services (music, contacts, etc.), but I couldn't find mention of notes, and as I said before, I know that Tomboy and Tomdroid are already utilizing Ubuntu One as a sync destination.

    Basically, I was hoping someone might either know the answers to some of these questions, or be able to point me toward someone who does. Obviously I can just continue using this application for myself as it does what I wanted, but I thought it might be nice to make it available for other people and, if someone more knowledgeable about iOS development were so inclined, to improve it.



    Asked this question at
    and got the answer I needed
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