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Thread: Can ubuntu one help me on android

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    Can ubuntu one help me on android

    I'm thinking about buying a google nexus 7, but I am concerned with the 16gb hard limit on storage. Also, I really don't know much about Ubuntu one.

    If I run ubuntu on my desktop, is there a way to automatically sync all my school notes, hw, etc between my nexus and my desktop? Or would I manually have to update the files? Like if I go to class and create a new note document, will it be visible on my pc when I get home? And when I get home and edit it on the pc, will I see the updates when I go back to class?

    I assume that I would need to use the same file format on both the desktop and the tablet. Like .txt or something. Right?

    Also, will ubuntu one be able to save me space on the tablet? I've read something saying I can stream music, and so as long as I'm connected to the internet I'm assuming I won't need to have any music located on my tablet, right? Will hd videos stream fast enough on an average consumer's bandwidth?

    I guess I'm just in the dark about ubuntu one and how it could help me. Also, I know I'm asking this on the ubuntu forums, but would there be services other than ubuntu one that would be better for me in this scenario?


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    Re: Can ubuntu one help me on android

    I have a Nexus 7 and computers synchronized with Ubuntu One. I have all of my music on Google Music. Pictures saved on U1 can be viewed with the Android app. I don't think there are plans for streaming video from U1.

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    Re: Can ubuntu one help me on android

    I also have a nexus 7 and love it except I wish there was a cleaner way to move files directly than gMTP. Also jumped on that 20 + streaming deal.

    U1 will save you save space with respect to music streaming and not grabbing all your cloud files. Its downfall is that non-music must be selected to download and then those files are static (will not send or receive changes.)

    As a student myself I must say the 7-inch tablet is revolutionary. In addition to easing the wait at offices, being able to show them a form before sending and being there when they get it drastically increase the speed with which they process you. I like not ever printing and it is amazing having all my books, labs, presentations, and homework in my pocket. Not that I'm saving the environment, I'm using my saved prints for a multi-sheet poster from a vector image.

    I really like Google Docs/Drive. A simplistic approach to an office suite with unparalleled collaborative tools, you can see changes as your partners make them! I like my stuff well organized into folders and I'm having a horrible time going through the docs to drive transition. Then again U1 has some folders that I moved that are not in the right place. BTW, Google and Amazon seem to have their streaming down tight, where as of now U1 keeps telling me corrupt files instead of bad WiFi.

    Perhaps for note taking Evernote would be better.

    A word of warning though. No matter what device you use (small tablet, iPad, laptop) you will look like an *** for not respecting the lecturer. Even if you're only taking notes, everyone else is on facebook.

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