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Thread: Dell Inspiron 3537 lost wifi

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    Dell Inspiron 3537 lost wifi

    i'm sorry, i wouldn't be able to help you, but i need your help, i bought the same model of dell, but after some sort of automatic update to ubuntu it lost its wifi drivers and i couldn't be able to fix it, so i install win 7 on it, but i want ubuntu back on it, so i install ubuntu 14 with amd but it comes up with an error of "low grachic mode" i don't know why,

    So i need a suggestion, which ubuntu version should i install on it to run things smoothly.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 3537 lost wifi

    Moved from to its own thread. You're much more likely to get help if you create a new thread rather than posting at the end of an old one.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 3537 lost wifi

    Do you get a Grub boot menu? Is Ubuntu to only operating system on this machine? If Ubuntu is the only OS and you do not see a Grub boot menu, then press Shift as the machine is booting. That should give you a Grub boot menu. Then select Advanced Options for Ubuntu and the select Recovery Mode. At the Recovery menu select Resume.

    If that gets you to a desktop the go to System Settings>Software and Updates>Additional Drivers tab and select the open source video driver and see if that will get you loading Ubuntu to a desktop as normal.

    You can also tell us about the hardware of this machine.

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