Having downloaded 12.10 and burned the .ISO to disk, I did the necessary - a full backup of all personal, music, email, bookmarks, video files etc. I then tried to boot with the 12.10 but it would not read and, after a pause, the system would boot to the 1st HDD.

Interestingly, the 12.10 DVD which the 12.04 couldn't read could be read by a Win7 machine. Thinking that maybe there was a problem with the DVD burner in the Ubuntu box, I downloaded the .ISO again to the Win7 box and burned another DVD (with write verify enabled). Same as before though - it wouldn't boot, and the Win7 machine could read it but the 12.04 could not. I swapped the DVD drives between the machines but this made no difference - Win7 could read, 12.04 could not and it wouldn't boot.

So, I proceeded with an online upgrade as I done on previous occasions without any problem - except this time it hung about half way through.

I left the system to sulk for an hour or so just in case it kicked itself back into life, but finally resorted to a power off and re-boot to see where everything was at.

The sytem booted to a black screen and no GRUB. I was able to follow the 'sticky' forum thread referring to this state - on another machine - bring up a terminal and, after a couple of hours, found myself with a stable and (apparently) full upgrade to 12.10.

As it happens, the Ubuntu box can now read both of the 12.10 system DVDs I created with the DVD drives swapped back again - go figure?

All is well in a general sense, but Computer Janitor and Activity Log Manager either close unexpectedly (null VRM) or won't run at all in the first place. Neither are mission critical but it does indicate that something, somewhere is not quite right. I will wait for updates to see if these issues are fixed.

In line with commentary on the 'net, 12.10 is somewhat slower than 12.04 which, I presume, will improve in time as updates come through. There's nothing about 12.10 that makes you go 'wow', although I continue to be very happy with Unity.