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Thread: Video tearing in fullscreen (flash)

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    Video tearing in fullscreen (flash)

    I've read just about every post I can find on various forums, and tried everything that seems relevant. When I fullscreen a streaming video I'm getting a lot of tearing. I've tried Firefox (3), Chrome and Chromium browsers, and yesterday I downgraded my Flash to 10.1. I don't remember at the moment everything else I did, but I did try this:

    I have a Shuttle x325gt-804 with an NVidia ION2 graphics/sound card. I'm running it out HDMI to a 42" Sony television. I've tried videos ranging from 360-1080p on Hulu and Youtube. They all look absolutely perfect when not in full screen.

    I have 10.10 32-bit and I am brand-new to Linux, so please be as specific and detailed as possible when replying. Thanks!

    (I've also noticed that my sound is kind of muddy, which I posted earlier, but would welcome ideas for here as well.)

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    Re: Video tearing in fullscreen (flash)

    I'm starting to wonder if this might have something to do with the fact that I'm hooked up to a television and not a traditional monitor. Has anyone else seen similar problems with a tv?

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    Re: Video tearing in fullscreen (flash)

    Sorry, i can't help with that situation, maybe someone else can.

    You can try the HTML5 experiment that YouTube is running but that won't help with other Flash issues from other websites.

    Flash is renown for being problematic in Linux, especially at fullscreen. It runs great at fullscreen on my system although I bought a system that was tailor made for Linux, to some extent.

    Best of luck.
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