I've read over all the stuff I can find on this subject, but none seam to have the exact answer.
THE Problem: Mount a NTFS HDD on a computer with a hot swap tray.
UBUNTU 10.10 Maverick Server (CLI only)
The physical HDD could be one of twenty SATA drives.
The drives could be different capacities, but always NTFS
Mounting to the same mount point ok
NO reboot to mount or unmount drive

Yes the hardware supports ACHI and it does work. Working with the FSTAB doesn't work because I don't know what drive it is. I can do this process manually.
mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/sd1
NTFS-CONFIG appears to work only with GUI (not available)
AUTOFS works with know local or remote dive, This is neither.
UDEV appears to be not available in Maverick
FUSE might work
and is NTFS-3G required ?
Their is no network involved with this process.
Their is no Windows operating system on this computer.