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Do you have any idea why it freezes for us?

It could be possible that you have an earlier hw revision. Mine was sold beginning of march and manufactured in January 2011. There are versions with broadcom wlan chips, maybe some other revisions with more changes. I dont know.

The only difference I see judging from your howto is that you use the free display drivers.

Thanks for your HOWTO anyway. I will follow it and see what happens.
I also bought one of these laptops just this week (in New Zealand) and mine comes with the Broadcom wireless chip (which works fine under OpenSuse 11.4) and an Atheros ethernet chip. Both won't work in Ubuntu 10.10, and i get strange issues with the graphics in 11.04 Alpha which prevent gdm or unity from starting (switching to the ATI driver makes both Suse and Ubuntu unbootable).

So to conclude: graphical driver issues with OpenSuse 11.4 (KDE desktop), AMD CCC 11.2 drivers will not install properly.

Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 installs, but gdm and unity won't start, installing AMD driver 11.2 (CCC) prevents ubuntu from booting. Due to the graphical issues I haven't been able to determine whether wlan or ethernet work.

Ubuntu 10.10 installs and run in 800x600 graphics mode, ethernet and wlan both not working.