I just picked up a 522 today and installed Ubuntu 10.10 desktop to get rid of Windows 7 starter. After getting past the installation issues (have to install from live cd with thumbdrive, won't do it directly from the boot list) I got the Radeon drivers installed (watermark included, will fix later)and then ran into a massive issue. Within five minutes of EVERY reboot, the kernel (I am assuming) crashes completely. It is always within 5 minutes. I have checked the smiles and frowns thread as well as the phoronix forum with no luck. This is extremely frustrating and the word on the street is that the wireless driver is the culprit. Question to the more experienced Ubuntuites out there- What are my options and how can I fix this?

I have tried running off wireless and wired connections. The system won't stay stable long enough to update. I am basically screwed.