I'm really new to Ubuntu/Linux, so sorry if any of this is overly obvious...

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad t400 that I have wanted to install Ubuntu along side Windows 7 on for a while, but I've always had problems doing this. I finally figured out that this is because my HD has over 5 bad sectors (according to gparted). It recommends that I "make a full backup urgently by running 'ntfsclone --rescue..."

I started to do some research on how to use ntfsclone and came across this:

That doesn't seem extremely hard to follow, but I have a few questions before I start. The drive in my laptop is separated into two partitions, System_drv (1.17 GiB) and Windows7_OS (147.88 GiB). Only the System_drv partition is flagged as "boot".

My question is this: How do I use ntfsclone to clone my hard drive, when the instructions I found only seem to be written for a HD with one partition? Also, once I clone the HD, how do I put it on to a different laptop HD that I can boot my cpu from?

Thanks for any help you can give, and sorry if these are overly obvious questions...