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Thread: RFH: Do you get 0-byte recordings? (Even infrequently) Please post info about it here

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    RFH: Do you get 0-byte recordings? (Even infrequently) Please post info about it here

    There have been a number of people saying they are getting 0-byte recordings. Fortunately the issue appears uncommon, and happens infrequently on user systems. Unfortunately, since it is so infrequent it is difficult to gather information to resolve the issue. This thread is an attempt to try and gather as much information as we can in the hopes that if MythTV can provide a fix for it they will.

    The issue appears to happen across all Distros and MythTV versions. Post in this thread if you see this issue regardless of what Distro and/or MythTV version you are using.

    I myself have only seen it personally on an HD-PVR, but others have reported it on DVB cards of all kinds.

    If this happens to you, please post here with the following information:

    Distro and release (eg. Ubuntu 10.10, Fedora 13):
    Full version of the MythTV Backend package (eg. dpkg -l mythtv-backend*):
    Where you get your mythtv packages from (standard repos, avenard repos, mythbuntu repos, compile from source, etc):
    Tuners you see the issue on:
    Other tuners on your system:
    Firmware version version (eg. 'dmesg | grep hdpvr'):
    Kernel Version (uname -a):
    Snippet of dmesg around the time the issue is happening:
    Any other info you think is relevant:
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