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Thread: webacm, YUY2 video format, what is it?

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    webacm, YUY2 video format, what is it?

    Hi all,

    I wanted to buy a webcam, so looked on ebay. It's not always the place to buy, but it provides a nice sampling of what's available.

    There are sellers offering 30 to 50 megaxel image cameras for 5 to $6 each, including LED illumination and built in mics.


    They only have usb 2 outputs, so there is no way they can provide high resolution outputs.

    Here's a quote from one of the auctions.

    Digital still image Resolution: 8000*6000 50.0 Megapixel (with software boost / upscaling)

    Video Resolution:6400*4800( 30.0 MegaPixels Video)
    Sample ads at, search for 'webcam', all the questionable products have 30M or 50M and similar in the auction titles.

    There is a hint that additional software is required.......and they do say the video resolution is limited to 640 by 480 pixels. So, the ads seem to be contradicting themselves.

    Most state Microsoft or Mac OS is supported, none say Linux capable.

    Can someone tell me whats going on and whether the ads are fraud or are they for real.


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