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Thread: wireless connection disconnecting

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    wireless connection disconnecting

    I just installed Linux(Ubuntu 10.10) a couple days ago. Would installing it affect my wireless router at all? People in my house have been complaining about their wireless connection disconnecting and reconnecting saying it started a couple days ago. I didn't change any settings on my router setting page. Is this just a coincidence? I haven't called my isp yet. Tech support is annoying and if the problem is really with linux they wouldn't know what to do anyway. Btw, I am connected to the router with an ethernet cable, and I haven't had any problems with my connection when the wireless hasn't been working for other people.
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    Re: wireless connection disconnecting

    Installing linux will not effect your router. If you have the linux pc controlling the internet all the time and not the router then there might be a problem. Make sure all the IPs are set correctly. Test to see if it is only the wifi or both are going out. (If both are going out then it is the ISP) Just test the basic things but it isn't linux unless you have the network set up to be controlled by the pc.
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