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Thread: 9.10 starting up into Terminal

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    Question 9.10 starting up into Terminal

    One of the things that irritates me about computers of all stripes is that, whatever experts might say, they do most definitely reconfigure themselves apparently at random while shutting down or starting up.

    I have a dual-boot setup with Ubuntu 9.10 and Windows XP Home. I finished my Ubuntu session last night and shut down the machine. This morning I booted up, selected Ubuntu from the menu, and although I got to the normal user-select login page, the expected GUI desktop didn't appear. Instead, I got a Terminal window open in the top-left quarter of the screen, with the standard prompt on it.

    I've tried logging in as the user account I normally use and as root, and I get the same thing on both accounts. I've no clue what's suddenly changed between switching off in the evening and switching on in the morning, but is there a terminal command I can use to initiate the GUI manually, or have I just broken something to the extent of requiring a reinstall?

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    Re: 9.10 starting up into Terminal

    log in as the user then run
    i dont think it has to be run as sudo

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