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Thread: Tips on fixing laptop overheating?

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    Re: Tips on fixing laptop overheating?

    Have you opened System Monitor and checked Processes tab to nail down what is eating your CPU?

    There is also Hardware Sensors Monitor in the repository.To monitor temperature on all supported hardware (with sensors).

    CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor is a nice tool as well.You can choose to cap the CPU clockspeed (limited)
    among other options.

    I use a cooling pad but am rarely mobile with my laptop.It is USB powered however I power it by a Universal AC/DC adaptor.By changing the voltage output on the adaptor (ranging from 1.4V-12V) I change my fan speed.I obviously don't run it at 12V.It's pretty convenient and doesn't tap the lappy.Keeps it 5-15*C cooler depending on setting.

    Make sure there are no issues with clogged or blocked vents.

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    Re: Tips on fixing laptop overheating?

    The fan cleaning suggestion always gets on my nerves. Do you think somebody who messes around with Linux hasn't thought of checking the fan as a first recourse?
    I suggest you grow some thicker skin and/or expect less ignorance from the masses. Reading (and responding to queries in) these forums is good practice for both.

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