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Thread: Desktop problems after upgrade 10.04

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    Unhappy Desktop problems after upgrade 10.04

    I have upgraded the 3rd of my machines (desktop) from 9.10 to 10.04 using the upgrade/update manager.

    Whilst busy with the installing section the machine locked up and I had to reboot. The upgrade wasn't fully done yet.

    I then installed a new kernel for 10.04 and updated the grub loader to load the newly installed kernel (2.6.35-22).

    The problem I have is that once you log into a user, the desktop (Gnome) does not display applications correctly. There is no option to X=Exit -=minimize etc at the top of the display i.e. Firefox, or Terminal etc.

    There is also just one desktop and you cannot create more desktops nor open them.

    I then created a new user. The same problem occurred. I then logged into the one user and whilst being logged in I logged into the other user. Now the desktop was correct, but the machine is very slow and tends to hang up.

    Once you log out or re-boot the machine, it reverts to the problem.

    It seems as if there is a conflict in the programs running on the desktop. You cannot e.g close any application by clicking on the "x" as there is now x on any screen. Also if you open eg Firefox and a terminal in the one desktop, you cannot type anything in the terminal, it freezes up.

    Any idea how to try and fix this without doing a clean install....

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    Re: Desktop problems after upgrade 10.04

    The upgrade wasn't fully done yet.
    Maybe you can try

    sudo dpkg --configure -a
    sudo apt-get -f install
    and see if that will correct your problems.
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    Angry Re: Desktop problems after upgrade 10.04

    I have tried that and there is 0 updates..

    The strangest thing is that if you log into the first user the problem is there. On Firefox or any application there is no a proper heading line. There is no X or _ at the top.

    Then you stay logged in and log into a second user (one I created for testing) then the correct Firefox is displayed.

    Upon restarting the machine the machine reverts to the problem display.

    I have a feeling that the gnome desktop had a glitch uon the installation process.

    Any help as I am a bit at wits end.


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