Just downloaded and tested today.
I am really, really pleased so far.

So light, airy, and has everything I need to get running with the distro. It caught my Video drivers out of the box along with everything important on the live DVD, and somehow it manages to run the window manager that it does despite the times, even with new software. There were some rough edges in installation because GRUB kept on claiming that it can't read the file system. After the third try it worked fine (needed a boot partition for some reason).

It also looks pretty.

I like that it's very Ubuntu-like in User friendliness, yet is a Fedora derivative. Not another Debian/Ubuntu friendly, but actually a friendly Fedora that works like Ubuntu on many levels.
Makes the world all the more colorful!

I think it's pretty cool, already like it more than Fedora it's based off.

I can see lots work put in it so far.

Logically it should be called 'Feduntu'. 'Fuduntu' is more fun to say and seemed more interesting.