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Thread: Laptop speakers hiss when external speakers plugged in

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    Question Laptop speakers hiss when external speakers plugged in

    Just upgraded to 10.04 and have a very strange problem on my DarU2. Whenever I have external speakers plugged in to the headphone jack on the front of my laptop, the laptop speakers hiss. Again, it is when external speakers are connected, but it is the laptop speakers that hiss (worth restating as I was puzzled to find it was not the external speakers hissing).

    The hissing is a soft white noise, not harsh like TV static, but it is still very noticeable and very annoying. It is constant, making noise whether or not any audio is being played.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Question Re: Laptop speakers hiss when external speakers plugged in

    I am having the same problem... I read someone else's theory on this ("Doggie Howser" from XtremePlace Forum) and I think it was right... They said the power output is much greater on a desktop USB. I plugged the USB power from the speakers into my laptop and there was no hissing... So I plugged the UBS power from speakers into my old apple square white power thingy. It is the the one that came with my Nano. One side of the square plugs into the wall (which can slide off to plug a cord into) and the other has a USB in slot. This seems to be charging/powering the speakers and not causing any hissing.
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