Hi everyone,

I am trying to replace Windows completely but one thing I've been unable to do is produce high quality screencasts for upload to my websites in Ubuntu. I previously used Jing in Windows but it does not work in Ubuntu.

I am able to produce very nice screencasts with RecordMyDesktop in Ubuntu but it produces .ogv files and I have yet to find an online player compatible with them. YouTube is not an option as these screencasts are for training purposes and contain confidential information.

One player I have tinkered with is Flowplayer, which is a flash based web media player. It refuses to play OGV files and when I have attempted to convert OGV to any other format in the past, the quality has been horrible.. muddy colors, sound issues, low resolution, etc. Can anyone point me in the direction of a web based player that can handle OGV or perhaps tell me how I can convert OGV to something like FLV without destroying its quality?

Many thanks..