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Thread: How to convert a swf video into the avi format

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    Re: How to convert a swf video into the avi format

    Quote Originally Posted by skarosg3 View Post
    The way i am doing it is using a windows app called iwisoft using Virtual box under ubuntu.
    I havent tried to install it under wine.

    hope this helps
    It does work under wine very well, but it has the same problem ALL windows converters have.

    They claim to be free, but then put a watermark in the output file that's too big to ignore.

    So, I did some googling, and found a patch for the .exe launcher. You can download it here----->

    Open the patch, and direct it to the .exe launcher in the installation folder.

    VOILA! No more watermark and you have clean, high quality output files!

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