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Thread: No wired lan working

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    No wired lan working

    Hi all ., I am on Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit. It's a coup;le of months that I didn't use my wired connection (I Think before upgraded to 13.04) . today I discovered that Ubuntu doesn't recognize my LAN card, No eth0, Nothing on lspci/lshw -c network. Anyone can help me? I ve followed 2 tutorial but no result
    My laptop is a HP Probok 4530s with Core i3 2310M. any suggestion?

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    Re: No wired lan working

    If it's not seen by lspci, lsusb, or lshw, then it's a dead-hardware issue instead of an Ubuntu issue.
    If the item is seen, but unrecognized or misconfigured, then it's a kernel issue.

    Boot into your BIOS, and see if it's there among the boot options.
    Try a LiveUSB and see it it's seen there.

    And start looking up "how to disassemble my laptop" videos on YoutTube while your new motherboard is shipping to you.


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