I once had a beautifully running Hardy Heron installation on my Toshiba L505-S5990.

A few months ago however - out of the blue - opening Firefox (or any other internet program) lead to a worrying clicking sound coming from under the keyboard and my machine would just freeze, windows would go grey, & refuse to close, etc. Etc.


... but then I went into my Windows partition however and it would work just fine. In fact, nothing was wrong in the Windows partition (other than the fact that it was a Windows partition).

I miss my Ubuntu partition and in fact, want to upgrade to 10.10 but I figure I should solve this issue first.

I have no idea what to do though. I have heard that there is something similar to Windows Scandisk called FSCK but I cannot run it while I am in Ubuntu. And I don't even know if that will solve it.

I thought about it because Gparted says I do have some bad sectors.

The other weird thing is that although I can't go online, my Gmail notifier receives updates, Skype seems to be on and working (although I've not tried actually making a call, it receives messages) and Liferea keeps stacking up unread posts.

Can anybody help me?