Well, I won the last programming challenge, so here is the next one. This involves parsing input with regards to tasks.

The challenge:
Build a program that asks for input in the format:
[Task Title] due [Date]
Where [Task Title] is the title of the task, and [Date] is a string representing a date. This date string could be:
  1. An Absolute Date ("5 Nov 2010")
  2. A week day ("Tuesday"--meaning its due the next day that is a Tuesday)
  3. A Relative Date ("Tomorrow", "the day after tomorrow", "in 2 days")

The program should return an array with the title of the task, and an absolute representation of the due date.

At the very least, the program should understand absolute dates and "tomorrow."

Anything more counts as bonus.

Also, if you can get the program to actually keep track of your tasks, that would be great.

Remember, normal rules apply - the code should be all your code - try not to copy/paste other code, but read it, understand it, and type it yourself.

Good luck