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Thread: Vidalia cannot start tor ?!

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    Vidalia cannot start tor ?!


    I am new to Ubuntu and I've installed The Tor package from the Tor Website , but am not able to start Vidalia ...I am getting " Another Vidalia process is already running " !

    The weird thing about it is that when I start Firefox I get the Tor-button in green and seems that Tor is working / when browsing to the " Is Tor working" page, the message I get is "Congratulations . You are using Tor "?!/ but Vidalia doesnt start or if I starts it shows in red and I get
    "Another Vidalia process is already running " if I click on Start Tor under general settings !

    Is it possible Tor to be running without Vidalia ?

    It seems Tor is running but Vidalia would not open and shows in the tray as a red crossed onion !! " You are not connected to the Tor network " ! Obviously I cant see the map or anything else through Vidalia ... Whats going on ?!

    Any ideas what is wrong ? Suggestions are greatly appreciated ...
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    Re: Vidalia cannot start tor ?!

    I have the same problem and zero luck finding help on it here in the seems that at least with tor if you don't know your out of luck!
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