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Thread: Rosegarden and no sound!

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    Rosegarden and no sound!

    OK.. call me clueless and an old man who does not know nothing... I have tried again to install Rosegarden (as of this date 19Jun2012)... reading along, I remembered and installed QJackCtl and Qsynth just before... Everything looks nice... Yes, after reading more, I added my user to the audio group (I am afraid of what happened earlier when I installed Studio before and decided not to do that this time)... I started the QJackCtl and then the Qsynth followed by Rosegarden... Opened an example file and pressed the play button... result is that no sound at all is coming through my speakers that are using the headset (yellow) jack in the front of my baby tower...

    What am I doing wrong? I am pulling my hair out with this thing... I have been a computer programmer in the distant past... I try to keep up with all of this Ubuntu thing... I miss the old Finale program in Doz... Looked it up in Google "Finale Ubuntu" and was pointed to Rosegarden... I tried this before serveral years ago back when it was the 10.04 release and remembered getting the same problems... Mind you, my speakers work all the time... I listen to internet radio... Yes, I did not have FireFox running while trying to get sound out of Rosegarden.. I am no dummy... Bored with my IQ of 153 and nothing to do but be on this computer all day and all night... Yes, I should get a life... but, lets get back to the issue.
    Michael Flower in Las Vegas, NV (over 35 years experience with computers)

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    Re: Rosegarden and no sound!


    myself I am just about to set up a sound system on Linux. Rosegarden does not deliver sounds. It is just a control program to control a sound device.
    It is like the punched paper tape for pianos used long time ago. the tape does not deliver sounds. you need the piano for the sound.


    By the way: Those who can help to set up the system to make all devices (rosegarden, qsynth, midi-interface, external MIDI-synths) work together please give information for dumb beginners.
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    Re: Rosegarden and no sound!

    Hi Michael do not know whether you aim to compose Midi on Rosegarden

    but if that is one of your aims this here makes it simple
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