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Thread: USB 3 drivers for Dell Ultrbook XPS 13

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    USB 3 drivers for Dell Ultrbook XPS 13

    I recently purchased a Dell ultrabook XPS 13 with Ubuntu 12.04 installed. I really like this ultra but I am having problems getting used to its quirkyness.

    There are no RJ45 connectors since this is a thin ultrabook. So I have to use one of the USB 3 ports for ethernet. I have a 100BASE-T USB2-to-ethernet that works OK but I want to have a 1G connection. So I purchased a USB3-to-ethernet connector(brand is StatTech) but apparently Ubuntu 12.04 does not have drivers for it.

    Is there a USB3-to-ethernet that will support 1G that this Dell Ultrabook Ubuntu has a driver for?



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    Re: USB 3 drivers for Dell Ultrbook XPS 13

    This model RJ45 connector in the link below is claimed to work with linux, Windows and OSX.
    Hope this helps.
    I am also looking into buying this laptop and would be interested to know if this connector works. How is the wifi connection of this machine? Any problems there? Some reports claim the wifi is weak and breaks up?

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    Re: USB 3 drivers for Dell Ultrbook XPS 13

    I also own the Dell XPS 13 running Linux Mint 14. My wifi seems to be fine on every network I try it on except my campus' network. But then again I can't get a decent connection on any machine running wifi with linux... so I dont' know if its a hardware issue or a linux driver issue. All the machines I've tested have been Dell's so it could be something with the hardware that dell chooses, but other people's machines connect just fine under windows/osx, so I assume its a driver issue. I tend to get 40-60% connection strength instead of the 90-100% that other people get, and get random wifi drops.


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