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Thread: Lirc issues.

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    Lirc issues.


    I have just install ubuntu 11.04 on my machine and I cannot for the life of me get Lirc to play ball.

    Has something changed in this version of Lirc?

    When I used the dpkg-reconfigure command I choose linux input layer like I always have in previous versions and when it asks for the path I notice they have changed but I do as it says and get the path from /proc/bus/input/devices. But nothing.
    irw wont show any commands.

    I have tried with my .conf files and with the shipped .conf files.

    Any help or point to a guide is much appreciated.


    Attached are my lird.conf hardware.conf and the given lird.conf hardware.conf also the output from /proc/bus/input/devices.
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    Re: Lirc issues.


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