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Thread: Command Line Installation

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    Command Line Installation

    This has been reposted from the incorrect forum...

    I'm attempting to do a command line installation in Natty. I don't want to do a server install because of the different kernels, apci, etc. With Maverick, on the alterate cd if I press F4 at Grub there's an option to do this, but not in Natty?

    Has this option been moved?

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    Re: Command Line Installation

    On the normal Ubuntu disk, if I hit the 'Tab' key at the beginning of the boot, it shows the boot menu options you previously had.

    I have not tried the Alternate CD so don't know if it still includes the text based installer (assuming that is what you meant by 'command line installation,) or not since the last version of Debian had a GUI installer.

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    Re: Command Line Installation

    not tried the alternative cd myself but i know it is on the mini.iso


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