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Thread: Sync thunderbird contacts/calendars

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    Sync thunderbird contacts/calendars


    is it possible to sync thunderbird contacts and calendars (lightning) through Ubuntu One, for sharing from different machines? Or, are there any plans in the future to implement such thing?
    I know I could probably go through google calendar, but I don't want to do so.


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    Re: Sync thunderbird contacts/calendars

    There is no direct support for this under Ubuntu One at present, so I tried to do this using the file sync process. My logic was if I sync the .thunderbird folder, in my home folder, then I should end up with the same Thunderbird profile on all machines.

    Unfortunately it did not work. The first time I launched Thunderbird on a second PC it renamed the synced .thunderbird folder to something else, and created a new one. When I changed that arrangement back to how I wanted it and re-launched Thunderbird, it still could not make sense of the synced profile, particularly so far as extensions were confirmed.

    I have yet to discover a solution to this.


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    Re: Sync thunderbird contacts/calendars

    You could keep the entire profiles folder in your Ubuntu One folder. I'm keeping Thunderbird fully synchronized (mail folders, address books, calendar) across two Ubuntu computers using Dropbox; but I believe it would work the same way using Ubuntu One. I describe what I did here.

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