Would be great if somebody could help with this problem...

I have installed xubuntu on an old dell inspiron 630m laptop for use as a media server in my living room. Running boxee, i am able to suspend the machine using the boxee interface without any problems but when i try to wake it up i have to open then close the laptop's screen which seems a little clumsy. It does however wake back up into boxee without any issues.

I am wondering if there's a way to map the dell media button on the front of my laptop to this task of waking the laptop up? Do i need to change settings in the BIOS? When installing xubuntu i formatted the entire drive so as far as i can tell this button is now otherwise useless. All of the other buttons on the front panel function as they should in xubuntu.

Any help from someone who knows more about this that i do would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance