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Thread: USB mouse not working after upgrading to Maverick beta

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    Re: USB mouse not working after upgrading to Maverick beta

    Quote Originally Posted by Yumi View Post
    Yesterday it hit me. Just the usual update, restart, and - USB mouse, pointer not moving. Dual install and it works in windows, no hardware problemmm. I changed no setting, no files, no preferences since.

    Update: Played a bit around and unplugged the USB mouse from the rear port and into the front USB port. Working again! But not in the back.

    It happens to me too. Same config.

    Dual boot and I have Alienware Keyboard and a Razer mouse. I installed Ubuntu Maverick RC and then did update using update manager after reboot as soon as the kernel loads, the mouse and keyboard are not detected [ It works fine on Windows ] Even moving the keyboard to different USB ports dont work.

    Can anybody help please ?


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    Re: USB mouse not working after upgrading to Maverick beta

    Well, well, Maverick is out today and after downloading the CD imager, I tought to give it another try, with a fresh install. Everything worked smoothly, just before selecting the partions, and then the mouse died. And this is from the LIVE SESSION, without modifing anything, just left it do its job and installing... It only moved the arrow on the screen. No right click, no left click, nothing. I installed, and I am posting now from Linux Mint. The same mouse works flawlessly. I would post a bug, but I do not have the system installed anymore. All the hype with the perfect 10 distro etc, and for me, nothing... Such a shame...

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