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Thread: Enabling multi-touch features on Toshiba NB305

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    Enabling multi-touch features on Toshiba NB305

    I just bought a Toshiba NB305 laptop and am testing it out with Ubuntu 10,04 netbook remix. (I would like to try 10.10 beta was have so far been unsuccessful in installing it.) Most things work well in UNR at the outset, but the one thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to enable the multi-touch features the trackpad can do in Windows 7. I did try installing gpointer-device-settings, but the only extra feature it refers to that is not present in the usual mouse settings is two-finger scrolling (greyed out in mouse setting), and enabling it in gpointer did nothing. I don't care so much about that because the right side scroll works well, but what I would really like to enable is the zoom feature. Any ideas how I can do this?
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    Re: Enabling multi-touch features on Toshiba NB305

    I have the same problem with my toshiba nb255... Any idea ?

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