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Thread: Pressure detection on Gimp

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    Pressure detection on Gimp

    Hi, sorry I'm new to Ubuntu and don't know much about it yet. I used Gimp while on Windows 7 first, and this worked fine but:

    My dad just recently installed my DigiPro 5''x4'' Drawing Tablet(WP5540) into Ubuntu, but when I go to use Gimp it wont see the pressure detection or anything. I tried messing with brush dynamics, but it hasn't been working and I've gone through all/most of the preferences and I haven't been able to fix it. I did browse a little but I only found things for Wacom tablets.

    Sorry if it's in the wrong forum but I figured it would be better to ask in an art related forum and saw many questions here about it anyway.

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    Re: Pressure detection on Gimp

    Hi KayameNightmare,

    Welcome to Ubuntu forums!

    Did you configure the extended input devices in Gimp? See near the bottom of the Wacom wiki for examples.

    Otherwise look at Troubleshooting in the WizardPen wiki.

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    Re: Pressure detection on Gimp

    Go to edit>preferences
    Then on the menu on the side click input devices, then click the configure extended input devices button.
    Then under the devices drop down menu, find your tablet, then change the mode menu to Screen or Window, experiment with it. Click save, then close. Then click Save Input Device Settings Now, then click ok down at the bottom.

    Sheesh, gui instructions are combersome to write compared to command line.

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    Re: Pressure detection on Gimp

    This is a link to the a similar problem for setting up GIMP and a screen shot to show what is being explained above ..... LINK

    As they say a picture tells ......
    One picture is worth 1K words. ......
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