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Thread: What are your AppTabs?

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    What are your AppTabs?

    Those of you using some of the latest versions of Firefox, Firefox 4 Beta2 and up, will know about AppTabs.

    Essentially, an AppTab is a tab that's always kept open, ready for use, showing just the favicon. AppTabs help keep your browser uncluttered, and help you get to you favorite sites quickly.

    So the question is, what do you keep in your AppTabs? Mine are;

    Wordpress Dashboard,

    You can download the latest version, Firefox 4 Beta4 here by the way.
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    Re: What are your AppTabs?

    I have played with AppTabs for a while, but it was too buggy for my taste. I'm sure it will be improved on the next betas. I haven't tried Beta 4 tho, because Tree Style Tab only works up to Beta 3.

    Anyway, I will probably set Gmail, Google Reader, Blogger Dashboard, Ubuntu Forums and Mozilla Developer Hub as my App Tabs.

    I can't wait for AppTab and Firefox Panorama (aka TabCandy) to be working flawlessly. I did some tests combining Panorama with TabScope and Tree Style Tabs. They changed the way I browse the web. See video.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Real Dave View Post
    You can download the latest version, Firefox 4 Beta4 here by the way.
    I have setup a tutorial and support thread for Firefox 4, if anyone is interested on installing, customizing and optimizing it.


    Support thread:

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