I am looking for some reassurance on whether my installation plan will work. I have a new PC with two SATA drives. I have installed Win7 Pro on the first hard drive. I also installed the OSL2000 boot manager and it works OK. I want to install Ubuntu 9.04 on the second drive without impacting the Win7 setup.

My plan is to disconnect the Win7 drive and install Ubuntu stand-alone on the second drive. After testing the Ubuntu installation, I want to reconnect the Win7 drive. Hopefully the OSL2000 boot manager will place it into the boot menu and that will be the end of it.

I am concerned that Linux may become confused if the device names change. I am also afraid that Ubuntu might write something to the boot record of the first drive without first asking permission. I do not know at this time what the bios and/or Ubuntu will do regarding /dev/sda versus /dev/sdb. I am hoping that Ubuntu will utilize only UUID to identify the hardware and not be concerned about changes in the sda/sdb area.

Shoud I be confident or concerned?

Thanks, John