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Thread: Installing Device Driver Optimized Sierra Wireless U 306 on Karmic(9.10)

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    Lightbulb Installing Device Driver Optimized Sierra Wireless U 306 on Ubuntu

    When i reached on google and find out at Sierra Official Websites
    it just says simply ways,
    1. Download the drivers that available according to your kernel machines (on my machines, I use 2.6.31 kernel version) at Sierra Wireless Customer Help
    you can determine type of your kernel by typing " uname -r " in terminal
    after finished, put it into new folder and extract its contents,
    2. open terminal, "cd" to your directory that contains extracted files, compile the kernel drivers using "sudo make"
    3. be sure no erors message while compiling, and if if finish compile, type "sudo make install" to install the compiled files
    4. If there is no erors message detected, you can type "sudo dmesg | tail" to ensure that its have been work on your kernel

    On my machine, here some capture if successfully installed

    dokumentasi bag I.jpg

    dokumentasi Install driver sierra di ubuntu.jpg

    if you have more knowledge about the syntax of the command line, you can try to activate the AT commands to increase the stability of your modem in this links Configuring GSM AT Commands

    if still confused about this post, you can follow this information
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