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Thread: how to get wacom tablet settings to work?

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    how to get wacom tablet settings to work?

    I have a couple of wacom tablets, one a bamboo (CTL-460) and the other an intuos (CTH 690), both usb. Both seem to work for basic drawing, the latter with the help of a recently patched kernel module (see e.g. ). Even so, I'd like to try and adjust settings like pressure sensitivity. However, the wacom tablet settings gui (ubuntu 14.04, vivid kernel 3.19) does not work - it tells me no tablet is detected. I've heard of xsetwacom, and editing xserver config files and whatnot, but those approaches seem a little tedious and kludgy. I've searched around, and haven't found any information that seems to be relevant to recent versions. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get the tablet settings gui to work w/ these tablets?
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