A friend gave me a Samsung SBH-500 headset. Browsing online suggests it is from 2008 or 2009.

When I
  • pair with a telephone, they work great;
  • pair with my Ubuntu box they don't work, as described below;
  • pair some other headset with my Ubuntu box, the other headset works great.

Symptom: pairing appears to go fine -- they show up in System Settings > Bluetooth and I get some fleeble sounds in the headset as they pair. The also show up in System Settings > Sound, but [Test Sound] does not play a sound, nor do I get audio if I play something.

One thing that seems odd/suspicious is when I pair other Bluetooth Headsets, I get a drop-down in Settings > Sound > $DEVICE that lets me choose between telephony and A2DP/stereo. Not with the SBH-500 -- the panel lists balance/fade/subwoofer sliders like Settings > Sound > Headset, but nothing like the other Bluetooth devices.

Other hardware includes: Intel NUC running Ubuntu 14.04 and an AirCable Bluetooth adapter via USB. WiFi is disabled for this computer, but there is other WiFi in the area.

I don't know how to proceed. I browsed around on Ubuntu forums and on the inter-tuber a bit to try and find somebody else with the same problem or some diagnostics, but found nothing that obviously solved the problems. Following one thread, I ran pactl list short then turned off the headset and ran it again. The diff:

< 36    module-bluetooth-device    address="00:02:78:DE:1C:37" path="/org/bluez/8515/hci0/dev_00_02_78_DE_1C_37"    
< 13    bluez_card.00_02_78_DE_1C_37    module-bluetooth-device.c
Any suggestions what else I can try? Thanks.