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Thread: WAN, LAN, two NICs and ip_forwarding

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    WAN, LAN, two NICs and ip_forwarding

    I have a media server that has two NICs. eth2 has a static public IP (WAN/Internet) and eth3 has a static (192.168.x.x)IP on a LAN.

    My server is also hosting a DHCP server for the LAN.

    What I need to do is allow the traffic on the the LAN to access the internet from eth3 to eht2 on the server. routing??? ip_forwarding??

    My server also hosts a couple SMB shares and a UPnP server on eth3 that any PC on the LAN can access to but no access to them from the WAN. I set up Samba and MediaTomb to only answer on eth3.

    I don't have a simple hardware router (limited hardware in Afghanistan) so I have to do this on the server.

    Can someone tell me how to accomplish this?

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