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Thread: M1330 Power/Backlight issue

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    M1330 Power/Backlight issue

    Hi all,

    I've searched for this everywhere (literally), and I can't seem to find any solutions. If there is a similar thread elsewhere, please direct me!

    I have an XPS M1330, (about 3 years old) running Vista home. I'm not big on PC jargon, so please go gentle on me.

    Basically, the machine works fine in itself. However, when I unplug the AC... the backlight on the screen seems to dim... ridiculously... to the extent that you can barely read anything. It's only started doing this after it was serviced by the local (Dell approved) service center, and they are claiming innocence.
    When plugged in there are no problems... at all. Only when unplugged.

    Any ideas? I think it may be something as simple as a setting somewhere.
    Any ideas???

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    Re: M1330 Power/Backlight issue

    You came to an Ubuntu forum, to ask a question about settings in Windows Vista? I think there are many other sites where you would have a better chance of getting an answer.

    If your question is actually about Ubuntu, you should look in Preferences/Power Management.

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    Re: M1330 Power/Backlight issue

    Sorry, didn't realise you guys were so specialised/unhelpful. I'll try elsewhere.

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