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Thread: Are there Radeon X1200 drivers for 10.04?

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    Re: Are there Radeon X1200 drivers for 10.04?

    I have an older ATI mobile graphics card (check the signature), and the open source drivers work perfectly for me. I run Compiz and flash games all the time on my machine. Perhaps you should run a software update, just to be sure you have the latest open source drivers...
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    Re: Are there Radeon X1200 drivers for 10.04?

    There is one possibility to use the non-free ATi legacy drivers, but I would not recommend it (and certainly not to newbies). Download the source files from xorg and then purge the configuration files from your present X server and remove it from the Ubuntu system.

    Doing that makes you able to install an older version of the X server which is compatible with the 9.3 Catalyst driver without the need to go down to a lower version of Ubuntu. How that would affect the Ubuntu system I'm not certain of.. but it should work.

    However... what I would recommend and what seems like the best choice, that is that you use the ATi open source driver which have been suggested in this thread. That driver is part of the Linux kernel and should be activated by itself if the X server detects your ATi graphics.
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    Re: Are there Radeon X1200 drivers for 10.04?

    Has anyone tried this? I know this is an old thread, but this problem still exists as ATI has discontinued support. I tried the xorg-edgers driver and actually had the Compiz cube working on 10.10...until I rebooted and/or updated. I have tried everything I've come across in the last 4 days, open-source and proprietary. I really don't want to give up and go back to Hardy (the last one that works with x1200) or Debian (been using Ubuntu since Fiesty) and have way too much time in this. But, if Windows is all that works...
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    Re: Are there Radeon X1200 drivers for 10.04?

    Replacing a current working X-server with one two years old is just asking for trouble. You will have to lock the packages and thus be denied any future updates to them. Plus, if there are problems, you won't be able to get any support.
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