The Fn key is locked on my netbook. The system acts as if it is always being pressed, whether I press it or not. Here is what I've found through troubleshooting:
I had the problem in 9.10 and figured I'd just upgrade to 10.04 and it'd go away. No dice.
The "w" key does not work at all.
The only way I can type is to enable the numlock by pressing NmLk.
Pressing Fn+NmLk does the same thing as simply pressing NmLk, which actually serves a dual purpose as the Insert key.
If I plug in a USB keyboard, the USB keyboard types fine.
When I boot the computer, I can type normally, including the "w" key, for a split second and then it stops working correctly.
Changing the keyboard type/layout from the 105 key layout does nothing.
I checked out the BIOS hoping to find something dealing with Fn key functionality but there is nothing.
I've downloaded some bits of software here and there, but they don't provide any assistance.
There are seemingly no threads on the entire Internet that deal with this issue.
I'm going crazy.
If anyone could provide any insight, that would be great. I'm not going to have any hair left if these keeps up! Thanks.